The Knowledge Base

The knowledge base in Humanagement is where your staff can learn about all of your company's essential and necessary information.

You can create an article about various corporate rules, including concepts, details, and fixes that could help a department or the entire company.

To create an article for your company, first identify what type of article you want to write: a how-to, a warning, or a policy. You must also give the article a meaningful title, assign it to a division, and choose or add a new category.

You can compile certain articles in the knowledge base to build a course for any employee or division. This ensures that the employee receives the material in the right sequence.

This is useful for onboarding new staff as well as teaching personnel on certain processes and rules.

Employees are notified through email and the app when articles or courses are updated, which is one of the main benefits of utilizing a knowledge base. The updated sections of the article are highlighted so that employees may immediately detect the changes without having to read the full article.

Create a challenge that a user must accomplish in order to label an article as "DONE" to help you track exactly who has read it. A challenge might take the shape of a question that employees can answer in order to verify that they understood your article. It could also take the shape of a signature. This is beneficial for policies.

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