If you've ever come across "Challenge for Acknowledgement" while using the Humanagement app and whispered to yourself, "How does this work?" This article will guide you on how to create one, its purpose, and how to view an acknowledgement for compliance purposes.

What is a challenge of acknowledgment?

An acknowledgement challenge in Humanagement is used to get feedback from articles or policies. By creating a challenge for articles, you can get feedback on whether users understand the concept explained in the article.

Types of challenge acknowledgement

In Humanagement, there are currently only two types of challenges for acknowledgment.

  • Signature

When you create a signature challenge on either a policy or an article, this will mandate the user to input their signature in the box provided in order to acknowledge that they've read the policy.

  • Question and Answer

Question-and-answer challenge is a great way to ensure concepts explained either in a policy or an article are understood by their users. With the question-and-answer challenge, you will be able to ask users a series of questions about the article in a multiple-choice format. This will require users to answer the questions correctly before they can acknowledge that they've read the policy.

How to create a Challenge for Acknowledgement

To create a challenge for Acknowledgement, follow these easy steps:

  • Step 1
Log in to your Humanagement account.
  • Step 2
On the Navigation pane, Click on Knowledge Base, and on the drop-down menu, click on Create new Article.

  • Step 3
Create an article. To learn more about how to create an article, click here.
  • Step 4
Before saving your article or policy, scroll down to "Create a Challenge for Acknowledgement" and choose from the drop-down menu.


If you choose "Signature," no other action is required from you. Click "Save" to create your Article or Policy.

If you choose "Question and Answer," You'll have to enter the question with the correct answers along with an incorrect answer. Please Tick the small box beside the correct answer only for the software to recognize this.

You can add as many answers as are required.

When finished, Click Save to create your article.