A checklist in Humanagement accomplishes everything a to-do list does AND MORE!

It is nearly impossible for anyone to perform a task the same way every time, especially one that is repetitive. A checklist is required to reduce failure and ensure consistency and completeness when performing a task.

It is essential to have a checklist template for your organization's processes.

In Humanagement, you can create reusable templates for specific tasks, saving you countless hours. It can be adjusted and updated as your company grows, and there are numerous functions for creating a template format to suit your organization's needs.

Let's look at how to make one for your business.


Checklist in Humanagement can be used in many ways: to create Forms, Employee Onboarding, client Onboarding, quality assurance procedures etc. 

To create a checklist template, First log-in to your Humanagement account.

Once logged in, click on <CHECKLISTS> <NEW CHECKLIST TEMPLATE> This will reveal a form-like dashboard. 

Enter the name of the checklist template; it will recognize you as the creator; state the purpose of the checklist; and finally, enter the date.

The checklist can be divided into sections, but you have complete control over how many sections to have.

Please enter the title and then assign to create a section. A checklist can be assigned to a Division or a position; simply toggle the button to select..

To create your checklist, simply drag and drop any element from the sub-step type into the DROP-ZONE.

For example, to create a simple form for collecting vital information, you can use Instructions, Text Input, date, and/or signature.

To add another section, click the (+)Plus button at the bottom of the page.

When finished, click PREVIEW>. This allows you to visualize how your checklist will look. To make any changes, click the Edit Button in the top right corner and make the necessary changes.

All done! Click on <PREVIEW> <CREATE TEMPLATE>.


To use a checklist template, click on <CHECKLIST> <checklist> then choose the from the list of templates created. Know that you can always adjust/add to the template at a later date.

For a text input, a text will be required as well as date or signature. once a section is complete, click on the small box on your left to mark as complete this action will automatically record the date the employee or division worked on the checklist.

If the next session was assigned to another employee or Division, the checklist will notify them by appearing on their dashboard.

once a checklist is complete, it can be exported or saved as a PDF  document for future reference.

The Checklist feature can save you time and can be quite beneficial to your organization.

Check out this video to learn more:

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