In Humanagement, you can generate just two types of reports (Hours Worked & Clock-ins),in this article, we'll walk you through on how to generate both reports with just a few clicks.


To generate this report, you have to log-in into your Humanagement account. Click on <ATTENDANCE> at the drop-down menu, Click on <WORKING HOURS>

This will display the working hours list.. The Working Hours list is a collation of all the Hours worked by your employee/users. 

Choose the period , select a date or use to the search bar to quickly find employees .

Generate a report by clicking on the <DOWNLOAD CSV> to access the file, check in your downloads


Clock-in reports gives you a summary of all the clock-in action conducted by an Employee/Users.

To generate a clock-in report, First log-in to your Humanagement dashboard. Once logged-in, click on < ATTENDANCE> on the drop down list, click on <CLOCK-INS>

This will display the current login activity. to get a detailed report on the various Clock-ins times click on <DOWNLOAD CVS>Reports like Hours Worked and Clock-in are a great way to measure productivity among employees. it also makes easy for computing billable hours.

Please Note: If you use an external Clock-in software or devise to track hours worked this feature might not be applicable/available to you.

If you need any help in generating reports, Please reach out us and we'll be more than happy to assist you. please reach us through the In=APP Chat or send us an email directly

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