In a world where time and distance are no longer barriers to productivity, Humanagement time-zone and location settings emerge as a linchpin for organizations seeking to foster inclusivity, enhance communication, and streamline operations.

In this article, we'll walk you through how to harness the time-zone feature and fine-tune these settings to meet the unique demands of your global and remote workforce.

How To adjust Company Time-Zone Setting

Step 1
Log in to your Humanagement Dashboard

Step 2
On the Navigation tab, click on Settings, then Company Profile.

Step 3
Click on Edit Company to change your country. Choose from the drop-down list to select your preferred country. This will change your time zone settings.

Click on Save to save the changes made to the profile.


Only Admins can make changes to company settings.

How To Change Employee Time-zone Settings

Step 1
Log In to your Humanagement Dashboard

Step 2
On the navigation tab, click on the employee/user tab, then click on the employee list.

This will reveal the list of employees/users in your organization.

Step 3
Double - Click on the profile avatar of the employee you wish to adjust it's time zone to reveal the employee profile settings.
Step 4
Click on the edit button and look out for the time-zone tab in the employee profile.

select your preferred time-zone from the drop-down list.

 Sep 5
Click on Submit to save changes.