Our employees play a vital role within our company, yet there are occasions when they decide to depart for various reasons. This article will guide you on how to securely remove them from your Humanagement account without losing any of their data.

Removing an employee from your Humanagement Company account can be done using two methods:

Archiving: Archiving an employee will enable you to keep its data, including statistics and knowledge bases created by the employee. We usually recommend taking this step when removing an employee.

This won't affect your user count.

Deleting: Deleting an employee will permanently delete their data, including their knowledge base articles, checklists, etc. When deleting a user or employee, you'll have the opportunity to reassign their stats in bulk to another employee or user.

Method 1: Archiving an employee

To deactivate or archive an employee or user in your Humanagement account, follow these easy steps:

  • Step 1:
Log In to your Humanagement dashboard.
  • Step 2
On the navigation pane, click on the Employees/User tab. From the drop-down, click on Employee List.
  • Step 3
Once the employee/user list is revealed, Scroll to choose the user you want to archive. Alternatively, you can use the search bar to search for the employee name.

  • Step 4
Click on the plus (+) sign next to the employee or user profile picture.

  • Step 5
Click on the deactivate button to continue the process.

Choose If you want to archive the user stats or not, when you archive a user's stats, they are saved in the Archive Stats tab and can be re-assigned to another user at a later date.

You can also deactivate or delete an employee or user in the company settings tab.

Method 2: Deleting an employee

As said before, when you delete an employee, it is permanent. and cannot be reversed. This is often used as a last resort, and we often advise archiving for a few months before deleting.

Follow these steps to safely delete an employee from your Humanagement account without losing important data.

  • Step 1
Log In to your Humanagement dashboard 
  • step 2
Scroll down to settings on the navigation bar and click on Employee Admin. This will display all your employees or users, both active and inactive.

  • Step 3
Scroll down to search for the employee or user you want to delete from your account. Scroll left using the bottom scroll control.
  • Step 4
If you have inactive employees deactivated in the past, it will immediately show delete. If not, you'll have to deactivate the user face using the instructions above. Refresh the page to reveal the delete button.
  • Step 5
Click on the delete button to reassign employee or user data. then click delete.

If you encounter any trouble while carrying out this process, please reach out to us immediately.

We are always available in the in-app chat box and through email at info@humanagement.io