Every time you hire a new employee for your business, it is crucial that this individual can grasp as quickly as possible what your business entails, what their coworkers do, and what their role will be within your company. Thus, here at Humanagement, we present to you the fundamental process of taking your new employee from a state of knowing nothing about their new job, the company, or their colleagues to becoming an employee who comprehends the core concepts of your company's operations and their specific role within it. As time progresses, you can guide them towards working more independently and, ultimately, gaining an in-depth understanding of each of their responsibilities and how they interconnect with the broader aspects of your business across various departments. Here is what you will need to do:.

1. Company or industry videos

2. Office orientation

3. Basic hatting and training

4. Employee fully trained for his post.


Show your new employee a video that explains the basic concept of what your company does. You can also provide written information, but videos, being a more interactive tool, often help people understand more quickly. For example, if your company specializes in real estate sales, and especially if your new employee has never worked in this field, it is crucial that they grasp the purpose of your company. You don't need to create a full video about what your company does specifically; there are numerous excellent videos on YouTube that cover all aspects of the industry. Simply go to YouTube and search for 'What is real estate?' or any other term relevant to your business. You will be surprised by the videos you can find, as they will assist you in communicating what you do in your business more straightforwardly. Ideally, look for a video that is not overly technical, as this could create more confusion than understanding for your new employee.

After this, your new employee will feel like he or she understands way more about your business. Remember, at Humanagement, you can always add videos to any article. Just copy the link to the video or upload it from your computer, save your article, and there you go! Any employee who needs to see this video will be able to do so.

Now that your new employee understands the basic concept of what your business does, you need to orient them in their new workplace. This may seem overly basic, but you would be surprised at the number of people who feel completely confused during their first few weeks in a new job because they don't know anyone, are unaware of the location of different departments or tools in their work environment, and have little understanding of the fundamental production flow of your company. For this, you simply need one of your employees in the company (who has been working for you for at least a few months), preferably someone from the human resources department, to give your new employee a tour of the workspace, introduce them to people in the environment, and explain the basic functions performed in each area of your company. This exercise should not take more than 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the size of your business.

"Now your employee is ready to begin their basic training. Here, you can provide the basic course designed for the position for which you hired them. Don't forget that at Humanagement, you can automatically assign articles and/or courses to any position. For more information on this, click this link: https://youtu.be/-OU7op-vqz0?feature=shared
This course will include the key policies related to their role, their fundamental duties, who their superiors are, and how they fit into the production chain of your company. It will also cover basic processes, including specific procedures and tasks they need to be familiar with to start performing their role effectively. In this way, over time, they will require less and less supervision and will be able to work more independently while maintaining an appropriate level of efficiency for their superior during this learning stage."

At this point, you will be refining your employee's knowledge with all the relevant policies and courses related to their position so that your new employee can perform their role very efficiently and with a deep and detailed understanding of the various functions and specifics of their position. Remember that you have multiple tools in the 'Knowledge Base' section at Humanagement (https://app.humanagement.io/knowledgebase/acknowledgement-timeline/#!) where you can assign all the necessary articles and courses to all your employees, as well as track who has studied what. Additionally, if there are revisions or changes in both articles and courses, you will be able to see who is up to date and who is not with the latest updates in your policies, articles, and courses.