What makes up a course in Humanagement?

Various articles put together make up a course in Humanagement. To be able to set up a course easily, you have to make sure the articles needed to make up the course are created. Learn how to create a KB Article HERE

How to create a course

The following steps will guide you on how to create a course in Humanagement.

  • Step 1:
Login to your Humanagement Dashboard.

  • Step 2: 
Click "Knowledge Base" from the navigation pane on the left side of your screen to reveal the knowledge base features.

  • Step 3
Click "Create New Course"  from the drop-down menu to create course.

  • Step 4: 
Give your course a name along with other necessary details 

  • step 5
Drag and drop articles needed to make up the course from the pane of the right hand side.

  • Step 6
Click on "Create Course" when done.

Please Note:

  • You can add many articles and sections to your course
  • The search bar is used to search for article titles 
  • If an article is missing from your course, quickly create one without leaving the course center by clicking "Create Article."

Explanations of Course Terms

  • Course Name: This is the name your course will be called. 
  • Course Category: This is different from the KB Articles category. It is used to categorize the course based on what or who it's designed for, e.g., onboarding, customer service orientation, etc.
  • Priority Assignment: This gives your course priority control and defines when it's shown to users assigned. For example, a "group 1" course will be shown first, and until it is completed, the user will not be allowed to do another course.
  • Assign to Division: Just like articles, courses can be assigned to divisions.
  • Assign to Individuals: A course can be assigned to specific individuals within your company. 
  • Assign to Position: You can also assign courses to positions. This automatically assigns the course to anyone in that position.
  • Assign to responsibilities: This allows you to assign a course to a pre-created set of responsibilities created for a user within your company.
  • Course Description: This allows you to describe what the course is about and what users should expect. You can also input course rules and any other specific course details, if applicable.
  • Section: This allows you divide your course into different sections, eg Section 1 Introduction, etc

Learn more about How to assign articles and Courses in the video below.