What is an Organization Chart?

An ORG chart is a visual representation of a company's structure that shows the relationships among departments, employees, and their functions. The ORG board or chart gives the opportunity to describe the functions of a department, showing the various positions held in order of seniority. This helps employees get a clear overview of how the various levels of a company are organized and how they fit into the structure of the company.

Benefits of an ORG chart.

There are so many benefits to having an organizational chart for your company, including:

1. Provides clear lines of authority and business reporting. Employees know who to report to and who to contact if a work-related issue arises. This saves time, as employees are able to quickly access information instead of asking questions and sending emails.

2. Provide a clearer understanding of employee roles and responsibilities.

3. Improve employee relations. By adding photographs and personal information, you can help break the ice between employees. It can also help employees connect faces with names.

4. Help new employees learn the names and roles within the company. This is especially useful as new starters can often feel overwhelmed with information when they first join the company. A chart can help them understand how they fit into the company and who they will be working with.

5. Illustrate clear lines of growth opportunities and give employees something to aspire to

How to Access the ORG board on Humanagement

The ORG Chart in Humanagement is located under the Employee Tab

How to get started using the Humanagement ORG Board

When you visit the ORG chart center on Humanagement, you will see a list of your company's employees or users in different divisions. This is because when you add a new employee or user and then assign them to a division, it automatically replicates the action on the ORG Chart.

The Humanagement ORG Chart has two views: positions and employees.

These steps will help you customize your Company's ORG board, 

Step 1:  click on create position.

When you click on create Position, you'll see a form that allows you to input details about the position, such as:

  •  Name of the position
  • Division, (Please note: You can create a division using the + button.)
  • Manager: This refers to the person who heads the position.
  • Order: Order determines the rank of the position in relation to fellow juniors
  • User: These are employees the manager is responsible for. You can add as many users as necessary.
  • Responsibilities: The + button allows you to add responsibilities for the position, but you can always choose from existing responsibilities from the drop-down.
  • Articles: This allows you to assign certain important articles and policies to the position to enable new members to familiarize themselves with the position.
Click on create position when done.

How to Update a position

You can update a position using these steps.

Move your mouse over the position you wish to update, then click on the Pencil icon.

When done, click on update position to save changes.


There are various options to choose from when navigating through the Humanagement ORG Chart. 

Option 1
You can use the Zoom in and out Box located by the right hand side of your screen.
Option 2
To move through the ORG chart from left to right, kindly use the direction bar located at the bottom of the screen.
Option 3
To navigate through your ORG board, hold down the left mouse button and move in any direction.
Option 4
You can drag employees from one division to another in cases like promotions. Alternatively, If an employee is being moved to another division without promotion, just hold down the control button.