At Humanagement, we understand that running a business or an organization requires a bit of multitasking, and having a recognizable structure to that effect is essential.

In Humanagement, you can now add multiple positions to an employee's profile. In this article, we'll walk you through how to add a secondary position to an employee profile.


Once logged in to your Humanagement account, click on "Employees/Users" on the drop-down menu and  then "Employee List." This will display a list of all your employees, both active and inactive.

Click on the profile image or avatar of the employee you wish to change. This will display the employee profile; click on the "Edit" button. 

To assign multiple positions to an employee, toggle on the "Assign Multiple Positions" tab. 

This allows you to add multiple positions to an employee's profile. 

You can add as many positions as necessary, but no two positions can be the same. When done, click on "Update Profile" to save your changes.

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